Case Studies

Air, Land, and Sea

Our Logistics solutions are crafted within a global framework to deliver on time, on spec, and on budget, by land, air, or sea.

We are committed to addressing operational challenges in every region to deliver mission critical services and products to our clients. We take into account geography and atmospheric challenges, which make our operations safe and secure. Our desire to cost-optimize the supply chain maximizes efficiency.

DGC International’s global team is conversant with the best routes in remote and austere locations all over the world. We strategically plan logistic operations to maximize top-grade service solutions. Whether by land, air, or sea, DGC International has a trusted network to increase certainty of completion to the highest standards.

Our logisticians utilize our global supply chain to procure and ship material on time and on spec. Our global teams can use the project-specific material on construction projects around the world. Within our construction capabilities, we are able to build perimeter walls, create patrol roads, and facilitate the installation of new perimeter lighting.

When conditions on the ground are hostile, DGC International carefully navigates operations to ensure safety of personnel and products. In Iraq, we have a long history of successful, safe deliveries and are one of the few fuel providers with strong relationships in the region, particularly in the Northern Iraqi region of Kurdistan.


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