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Atmospherics and Intelligence

Atmospheric advisor services enhance security and promote informed decisions.

DGC International provides atmospherics and intelligence services to keep clients apprised of cultural and social situations pertaining to their operations, allowing them to act swiftly and precisely to attain mission success.

The tasks civilians and military forces perform in support of operations in austere environments require contingency planning and intelligence support. DGC International’s experience and agility brings security support and solutions to military missions. Failure can delay or even prevent troops from receiving needed support and can also result in wasteful spending.

Our atmospheric advisors train locals on the basics of data collection techniques, records retention, management of sources, and security procedures. The Advisors provide the capability to gather, analyze, and disseminate atmospheric information, as well as monitor, track, and measure trends in local sentiment regarding related programs and policies. They provide professional advice with regard to cultural and social matters, along with communication strategies and linguist support.

Advisors also integrate information into pre-and post-operational U.S. strategic, operational, and tactical decision-making; support the research and data collection needed to generate District Narrative Assessments; and advise in development and management of relationships with influential local leaders. The security enhancement of this is touted by military leaders from NATO and elsewhere, who often have noted how atmospherics provide immense oversight for austere environments, which aid in mission planning, offer overall perceptions of the country, and stimulate in-depth analysis of specific areas of operation, all resulting in maximized mission success.


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