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Transition to Civilian Life
Freedom Fields

DGC International supports Freedom Fields, whose prime focus is supporting those who have served our country transition back into civilian life.

DGC International supports organizations such as Freedom Fields so they are empow-ered to offer more case-specific, robust service offerings. More than 2 million Americans have been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan over the past decade, and when they re-turn, the role of the community in reintegration is critical.

Freedom Fields’ prime focus is supporting mental health of our First Responders, First Receivers, Dispatchers, Corrections Officers, Veterans, Faith-Based Leaders, and their families, through individual and group programs and educational activities.

Freedom Fields provides trained staff to encourage healthy, open dialogue about mental health while offering facilities to become a place of comfort for our heroes, along with their family or loved ones. To that end, the Freedom Fields’ facility is under construction and will be a year-round, five-star facility boasting several indoor lodging options, rustic outdoor campsites, an on-site restaurant, a coffee bar, a gym, a pasture, and many other outdoor structures that will provide living spaces, showers, and comforting amenities.

DGC International has many veterans in leadership and actively looks for ways to pro-vide support the military and their families, along with any civilians who have served our country.


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