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54 Mile Marathon
Allied Forces Foundation

Two of DGC International’s directors participated in the 54-mile march in the Cateran Yomp in 2019, along with over 1000 others, sponsoring the entry of U.S. Army, First Lieutenant Cameron Kerr who lost his leg in Afghanistan. Sponsorship included contest entry, airfare, and lodging.

The Cateran Yomp is funded by the Allied Forces Foundation, a foundation DGC International provides financial support to in honor of our veterans. Two of DGC International’s directors, who are also veterans, participated in the Cateran Yomp in 2019, marching 54 miles in 24 hours, in Scotland.

A “yomp” is a British term for a long-distance march carrying a full kit. It is an endurance event that challenges team members to compete in 22, 36.5, or 54 miles across harsh terrain, in only 24 hours. It is one of the Allied Forces Foundation’s largest events. The event raises money for soldiers, veterans, and their families, and participants get to test their physical and mental limits on the trek throughout a Scottish terrain.

Participating in the Yomp provides enhanced motivation for recovery and rehabilitation as well as fellowship with fellow veterans, which is both encouraging and empowering. The Yomp regularly attracts veterans from the U.S., U.K., Australia, Canada, Denmark, Ukraine, and Georgia.


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