Supporting Free and Fair Elections

DGCI’s support of UT South Africa Air Helicopter Services in Afghanistan facilitated free and fair elections in Afghanistan. Due to the total life support solution DGCI provided, (including vehicles, security, maintenance, MWR, dining and billeting) UT Air was able to successfully complete their mission with the United Nations during the2014election period and beyond.

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Supporting Afghanistan Security

DGCI provided more than 200 used non-tactical vehicles to the Ministry of Interior in 2012. No vehicles wererejected for defects or issues, and we successfully delivered within an aggressive 6 month time window.

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Multi Connex Facility

In only one month, DGCI built out an inventory management and operations hub that can feed and train up to 100 personnel supporting a supply chain, inventory and management contract. The site includes management offices, a prayer room, training center, inventory management office, and a kitchen.

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Global Operations Solutions

Trusted, Rapid Response

Outside the wire, scalable solutions for military and
humanitarian missions vital to our nation’s security and defense.

Working Inside and Outside of the Wire

Leveraging cost efficiencies

We have built the trusted relationships necessary for solid local sourcing. We establish and monitor life-cycle cost controls to streamline activities and reduce base operations budgets.

Rapid land logistics leveraging
our global platform

Thousands of winter kits delivered five months early to Raqqah,
Syria by leveraging our global supply chain, with no additional cost to the client.

Aviation Support

In the Fight to Win

DGC International and its consortium partners offer a robust aviation capability in support of military missions.

Fixed & Rotary Wing

Aircraft Maintenance & Repair

Systems Management & Modernization

Training Mission Support

Logistics Readiness Support

Since 2018, DGCI has refueled over 15,000 aircraft with an average refueling time of less than 20 minutes. Our air logisticians support government and commercial air carriers utilizing an integrated platform, with point of sale technology and AirCARD support averaging less than a minute. Our aviation refueling team eliminated over a million dollars in costs while improving mission response time.

Industry Recognized
Associations and Professionals

Exceeding industry standards & mission requirements



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