DGC International Meets President Karzai of Afghanistan

McLean, VA — January 23, 2013 – DGC International’s team recently met President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan on January 11, 2013 during the event, “Afghanistan beyond 2014: A Perspective on Afghan-U.S. Relations.”

The event, billed as a keynote talk by President Karzai on US-Afghanistan relations, noted the strong relationship the US and Afghanistan share. “Afghanistan could not have made the progress it made in the last 10 years without the help that we received from our allies led by the United States of America,” Karzai said.

DGC International is proud to support the US government and their allies as we work to secure a bright future for Afghanistan.

“We are honored to meet with President Karzai,” says Ian Galloway, Business Consultant of DGC International. “We share the US and Afghanistan vision of a free and vibrant Afghanistan.”

About DGC International

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