DGC International Donates School Supplies for Orphans

Washington DC — October 9, 2016 – DGC International donated clothing, shoes, and school supplies to children at Shamsa Orphanage (“Sunrise Orphanage”) for the new school year to over 120 children.

DGC International’s entire Kabul, Afghanistan office contributed to the effort, handing out the items to the children. DGC International has contributed to and supported the orphanage for several years.

“Every child deserves the right tools for a great education,” noted Mustafa Zamani, President. “We hope that our support allows the children to focus on learning and growing.”

While DGC International manages its own charity programs, the independent Zamani Foundation is committed to national programs to improve children’s lives, particularly in war-torn areas. The Foundation is currently working on a program to build children’s libraries throughout Afghanistan. The first library is slated to be built in the Kunar province of Afghanistan.

About The Zamani Foundation

The Zamani Foundation is a non-profit, US-based organization committed to providing shelter, tools of education and teaching trade skills opportunities to children across the world in indigent communities of the most underprivileged countries ravaged by poverty and civil war.Please visit www.thezamanifoundation.orgfor more information.