DGC International Central Supply Depot Contract Extended

Washington DC — February 28, 2017 –DGC International’s inventory management, yard and warehousing, and training site at the Central Supply Depot in Kabul, Afghanistan was recently extended to continue current objectives and meet new objectives identified during the base year period. The extension will allow DGC International to continue on-the-job and inventory management training (OJT), fix the NSN nomenclature, and continue to assist the Afghan National Army with identifying, categorizing and managing inventory.

“Our team continues to work side by side with the Afghan National Army to ensure supplies and material are accounted for and managed,” notes Ayman Bekdash. “We continue to appreciate the level of effort and support we have received from both the Afghan National Army and US Army EF 5.1.”

DGC International is ensuring that there are visibility and accountability at the heart of the supply chain. Furthermore, we are providing a total solution to ensure that the Afghan Army is well equipped to maintain and improve security in Afghanistan.