DGC International Awarded Atmospherics Program for US Forces Afghanistan

McLean, VA — December 26, 2011 – DGC International was awarded a contract under the Atmospherics Program in Afghanistan.

DGC International will provide the U.S. Forces in Afghanistan with unique access to information, analysis of the local conditions and insights on attitudes of the populace.

The Atmospherics Afghanistan Program consists of analysts, leading Afghan experts, and other atmospherics specialists who will support the decision-making process of U.S. and NATO military operations through the collection, dissemination and analysis of atmospheric information.

Under this contract, DGC International’s role will provide appropriate personnel for the Atmospherics team of analysts, who will provide high-level decision makers with knowledge, analysis, and information they need to wage a successful counterinsurgency strategy.

DGC International is committed to providing the U.S. Armed Forces in Afghanistan with professional and client focused personnel, who have proven experience and expertise in theater.

DGC International looks forward to supporting the U.S. Armed Forces in Afghanistan and around the globe.

About DGC International

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