DGC International Awarded a Land Feasibility Contract with U.S. Embassy of Kabul, Afghanistan

McLean, VA — November 20, 2010 — DGC International was recently awarded a contract by the U.S. Embassy of Kabul, Afghanistan to provide a land use study to improve community landscapes and provide recommendations for youth sports parks and complexes in Afghanistan.

Under the contract, DGC International and its teaming partners will provide recommendations to improve specific sectors of Kabul and other cities, with the goal of improving existing parks and constructing new parks with an emphasis on recreation. The study will provide a snapshot of current land use conditions and development patterns that are found in Kabul and elsewhere and will provide recommendations to improve the overall quality of life of youth via specific park projects to enhance the sports character of different areas of the city. These projects will provide youth, men and women the opportunity to have a place to play and compete. Additionally, data will be further refined to demonstrate the impact of the parks via land use analysis for each of the cities studied.

DGC International’s President Mustafa Zamani and our teaming partner, Mr. Ajmal Ghani, visited the U.S. Embassy and discussed the impact of public works projects focused on youth and the importance of the U.S. Embassy of Afghanistan, an arm of the U.S. Department of State, lending support to such projects. Mr. Zamani explained that the contract will help provide easy to implement land use recommendations that will improve the lives of Afghan youth in Kabul and elsewhere. “We wanted to provide a holistic recreation solution to the often underserved youth within Afghanistan, specifically dealing with Kabul and other major cities.”

Our experienced professionals are ready to break ground on new sports fields and complexes for the youth of Afghanistan. We are proud to partner with the U.S. Embassy to help achieve the overall goal of improving the sports culture of Afghanistan.

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