DGCI's Worldview

Our focus sets us apart from many other corporate philanthropists. Although DGCI is a for-profit business, the ability to serve is the primary reason we are in business.

Driven by a Passion to Give Back we are humbled by the many opportunities that we have had in life and are passionate to ensure that others have similar access to Food, Clothing, Shelter, Education, Healthcare, and Meaningful Work.


We promote leadership to grow oneself and nurture the next generation of leaders. DGCI is constantly scouting talent – attempting to identify the citizens who show a passion for service and personal advancement. We seek to maximize the potential of every employee by giving our staff members the freedom to grow, innovate, and create. We assist them by providing access to education, international travel, and professional conferences.


We promote specialized skills training and work opportunities intended to lay the foundation for a lifetime of dignified and lucrative employment. In this phase, we emphasize three key kinds of activities. The first is specialized skills training, including computer and business skills. The second is on the job training and direct employment with DGC International. The third is employment referrals to private, government, educational, and non-profit institutions.


We help to provide basic knowledge and general skills/training to individuals in the communities in which our staff members live and work. Our help is often directed to institutions that are struggling – often against enormous odds – to provide basic reading, writing, and arithmetic skills to children disadvantaged by war, poverty, and chaotic home environments. Some of this work takes place in orphanages; DGCI has also supported education outreach efforts in refugee camps.


We help to ensure that the basic life needs of the young are met. When we provide food, shelter, water, and clothing to the most vulnerable members of our society, we lay the groundwork for future achievement. One example of this work is DGCI’s continuing support of the Shamsa (“Sunrise”) Orphanage in Kabul, Afghanistan. Over the years, we have provided clothing, shoes, and other supplies to more than 120 children in this alternative home. DGCI also works with children who are “on the street” – providing them with life essentials and attempting to find them alternative homes.

At DGCI, we are determined to even the playing field.

80% of our staff is involved in philanthropic efforts

Supporting the basic life needs of over 1500 CHILDREN

The Deep Impact of Corporate Giving

DGCI’s commitment to philanthropy touches every aspect of our operations. If you’d like to know more about the impact that our charitable activities have on our daily activities, please select one of the areas below.


Our holistic approach to personal development and community-building acknowledges that the environment in which these activities take place must...


While all members of Team DGCI are encouraged to participate in charitable activities, it is the company leadership who sets the tone for corporate giving.


The same ethical impulses and standards that fuel our desire to unselfishly serve our neighbors also fuel our business accountability, and...



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