Our focus sets us apart from other corporate philanthropists. The primary reason we are in business is to support our ability to give back.

Driven by a Passion to Give Back, humbled by the many opportunities our team has been given, we are driven to ensure others have similar access to Food, Clothing, Shelter, Education, Healthcare, and Meaningful Work.


We promote leadership opportunities to nurture the next generation of global leaders. We maximize the potential of every employee by providing access to education, international travel, and professional networking opportunities.


We promote specialized skills training and career development at DGCI, emphasizing on the job training, computer, and business skills.


We believe education will empower the next generation. We provide vocational training and reading, writing, and arithmetic education to children disadvantaged by war, poverty, and unstable home environments.


We ensure basic life needs of young people all over the world are met. We provide food, shelter, water, and clothing to the most vulnerable members of society and lay the groundwork for future achievement.

At DGCI, the playing field is even.

80% of our staff is involved in philanthropic efforts

Supporting the basic life needs of over 5000 CHILDREN

The Deep Impact of Corporate Giving

DGCI’s commitment to philanthropy touches every aspect of our operations. Learn more about the impact of our outreach activities below.


Our holistic approach to personal development and community-building requires safety and sustainability for the communities we work with.


Our ethical standards not only fuel our business, but the honorable task of giving back.

Our Outreach


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