Contract vehicles to best
support your mission.

Global Operations

Supporting global contingencies by rapidly building infrastructure and sustainment systems.


Supporting multimodal operations by providing real time visibility, integrated technology and forward supply and distribution.

Mission Support

Conducting unconventional missions across the operational continuum by empowering local communities.

Defense Logistics Agency Jet A-1 (BOA)

BOA # SP0600-14-G-0639

DGCI supports the DLA by seamlessly providing Jet A-1 procurement, storage and delivery services to locations worldwide.

Defense Logistics Agency Fuel in Turkey, Iraq, Jordan and Kuwait (BOA)

BOA #SP0600–15–G–0212

DGCI supports the DLA by providing DF2, Jet A-1, AVGAS, Gasoil, JP8, procurement, storage and delivery services to the designated countries.

Defense Logistics Agency Fuel in Africa Posts, Camps, and Stations BOA

BOA #SP0600–14–R–0223

DGCI supports the DLA by supplying and delivering diesel, gasoline, aviation jet fuel, and AVGAS to various locations in Africa.

United Nations Global Marketplace (UNGM)

Registration Number: 208130

Under UNGM, the procurement portal of the UN system, DGCI provides support services, including maintenance, IT, linguist services, outsourced personnel services, and general management services for UN initiatives.

NATO Support Agency

Registration Number: 4000057778NATO Support Agency

DGCI supports NATO Support Agency (NSPA)by providing logistics, warehousing, fuels services and management services.


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