Contract vehicles to best support your mission.

Global Operations

Supporting global contingencies by rapidly building infrastructure and sustainment systems.


Supporting multimodal operations by providing real time visibility, integrated technology and forward supply and distribution.

Mission Support

Conducting unconventional missions across the operational continuum by empowering local communities.

Interconnection Equipment Contract, DLA

DGC International provides interconnection equipment for the DLA with procurement, warehousing, inventory management and delivery services. This contract makes it easier for Department of Defense, or Federal government clients at large, to purchase products or services that connect defensive and offensive platforms, computer networks, global and tactical systems, and radio networks.

Contract: SPRBL1-20-D-0013

Contact: Michael Baumeister, Executive Director, Logistics

Force Protection Upgrades

DGC International’s integrated approach paired with our experienced field specialists deliver and deploy customized force protection solutions based on client needs and mission parameters. We provide local situational awareness within a global framework as a first step to developing ongoing stylized force protection analysis, arrangements, and continual field-projected upgrades. We are experts at providing turnkey solutions for both base and remote operations. Based on client needs and mission parameters, we craft customized solutions that cover every aspect of professional, technical, analytical, administrative and operational information assurance support.

Contract: W56KGZ-20-A-6001

Contact: Ian Galloway

GSA Professional Services Schedule

DGC International is part of the GSA Professional Services Schedule with mission-oriented business integrated services, professional engineering services, business consulting services, advertising and integrated marketing, logistics worldwide, environmental services, and language services. DGC International’s other services complement projects seamlessly. Our IT, security, and energy solutions services can be offered through PSS, to complement the core service offerings.

Contract: 47QRAA20D0004

Contact: Wade Owens, Executive Director, Mission Support

Italy Construction, Engineering, and Operations

DGC International provides Design-Build and Design-Bid-Build construction requirements for new facilities and real property repair and maintenance in support of defense operations in Italy. Rome, Italy is home to the DGC International’s EC&O team, which supports the Aviano Air Base. Services range from general building renovation, road and pavement repair, environmental work and construction, to excavation, plumbing, demolition, electrical, structural, mechanical, and concrete work.

Contract: W912GB19R0031

Contact: Dominic Johnson, Program Manager

Fuel in Iraq, Jordan, Turkey, and Kuwait, Basic Ordering Agreement

DLA Energy -Direct Delivery Fuels awarded a BOA to DGC International to supply and deliver Diesel, Gasoline, Aviation Jet Fuel, and AVGAS to various locations within Iraq, Jordan, and Turkey. DGC International provides transportation, storage, A-Lab fuel quality testing, integrated technology strategies, a global team of fuel logisticians, and into-plane refueling capabilities. All solutions leverage our comprehensive global supply chain and our American quality standards for American missions abroad.

Contract: SP0600-14-G-0639

Contact: Brian Easley, Program Manager


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