Our Rankings and Awards

We take pride in the work we do, the people we employ, and the culture we create. it shows through in all aspects of our global operations.

We are honored to be recognized as a great place to work. Our award-winning culture is based on accessibility to management, collaboration, and investment in career growth.

OSAC Affiliation

Since 2015
provides timely and actionable security information that helps the US private sector to better anticipate security issues

JCCS Affiliation

Recognized for training and standards play a key role in our into-plane refueling operations

IATA Affiliation

Recognized for strategic partnership in specialized areas

ASTM Affiliation

Recognized for training and standards play a key role in our into-plane refueling operations

AFCEA Affiliation

Due to our desire to continuously innovate, DGCI values the opportunity to learn about the practical applications of cutting-edge technologies

NDIA Affiliation

Represents a structure touching directly on the concerns – and the skillsets – of DGCI personnel

JIG Affiliation

Since 2019
we use JIG standards to reduce risk during all fuel-related stand-up activities and project transitions.

Korea Affiliation

Since 2018
DGCI participates in various Chamber-related business events and is expanding our networks in this vital business community

AUSA Affiliation

A nonprofit educational & professional development association that serves America’s Army, industry partners, & all other supporters of a strong national defense

NDTA Affiliation

DGCI uses the NDTA platform to share best practices and explore ways to improve Warfighter logistics support operations

SAME Affiliation

Promotes national security by uniting public and private sector individuals and organizations from such disciplines as architecture, engineering, and construction

NPMA Affiliation

DGCI has been certified by NPMA; members at our BFI Lion facility in Iraq have received major NPMA management awards.

UNGM Affiliation

The procurement portal of the UN System – and features many types of goods and services

Afghanistan Affiliation

Strives to be a positive business influence by improving the business climate, conducting business with the highest ethical standards, and promoting robust commerce

Relentless Award

For going the extra mile.


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