Afghanistan Advisory Services

In support of Mission Support operations, DGC International provided U.S. Forces in Afghanistan with Atmospheric Advisors. Atmospherics Advisors trained locals on the basics of passive data collection techniques, records retention, management of sources, and security procedures. The Advisors provided the capability to gather, analyze, and disseminate atmospheric information throughout the Afghanistan Combined/Joint Operations Area (CJOA), monitor, track and measure trends in local sentiment regarding US FOR-A programs and policies; provide professional advice with regard to cultural, social, religious, political, economic, security and tribal matters and communication strategies; integrate information into pre-and post-operational U.S. strategic, operational and tactical decision-making; support the research and data collection needed to generate District Narrative Assessments (DNAs); and advise in the developing and management of relationships with influential local leaders.


Atmospherics saved many civilians and soldiers’ lives. Several military leaders from NATO and US forces noted the benefits of the program, noting atmospherics provided immense oversight for the battle space, which aided in mission planning, providing overall perceptions of the country, in depth analysis of specific areas of operations, resulting in maximized mission success.

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