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Supporting Free and Fair Elections

DGCI’s support of UT South Africa Air Helicopter Services in Afghanistan facilitated free and fair elections in Afghanistan. Due to the total life support solution DGCI provided, (including vehicles, security, maintenance, MWR, dining and billeting) UT Air was able to successfully complete their mission with the United Nations during the2014election period and beyond.

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Supporting Afghanistan Security

DGCI provided more than 200 used non-tactical vehicles to the Ministry of Interior in 2012. No vehicles wererejected for defects or issues, and we successfully delivered within an aggressive 6 month time window.

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Multi Connex Facility

In only one month, DGCI built out an inventory management and operations hub that can feed and train up to 100 personnel supporting a supply chain, inventory and management contract. The site includes management offices, a prayer room, training center, inventory management office, and a kitchen.

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What makes us Stand Out

We are passionate about the professional development and personal well-being of our employees. We fully empower them to use the company as a vehicle to enhance their skills and pursue their dreams. We promote models that blend the elements of a prosperous career with a healthy lifestyle that includes family, friends, and community.


Our employees are valuable and deserve to be compensated as such. Salary and other financial benefits are competitive and demonstrate how much we value each employee.


We value health and wellness, knowing we contribute our best when we feel our best. DGCI provides ample opportunities to maintain mental and physical wellness.


We take a sincere interest in each employee’s personal and career goals, knowing individual success and development is key to the organization’s success. Resources are provided to encourage constant learning and individual development.


We want to take care of our employees and their communities. We believe in not only providing benefits to employees personally, but also to your family, and the community.

"You" Time

We have a culture of understanding and kindness, which is reflected in our standards of provided personal time.


We first and foremost want to ensure that all DGCI employees have access to meet basic human needs. Therefore, we provide competitive, high-quality insurance benefits to all employees.

International Staff

Our employees stationed overseas are critical to our company. We provide all standard benefits, plus any necessary living arrangements for these employees.

Finding the Perfect Match

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